Dhammadana is a small Maine Coon cattery, located in the town Weert, 30km away from Eindhoven.
Dhammadana means spiritual gift and that’s how I see my coons. As a gift.
For me it means life, love and loyalty and this is how my cattery arise.

These beautiful gentle giant touched my heart and I can not imagine to live without them.

My cats live with me as equals and I do my very best to fulfill their basic needs with a lot of love and respect. They can move freely through every room except attic and basement. Free to do whatever they want and go wherever they want. They all love the garden which is adapted for their safety, desires and needs.

My group is small, thereby there is harmony, and mutual stress due to space limitations is not present.

My mission is succesfull if my kittens, in possession of good health and great character, have found a new owner who will treat them with as much love and respect as I do, and possible even more.

Once you have chosen a Maine Coon as a new family member, you can be sure of an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, happiness and joy.